Wednesday, December 03, 2008


The African Artist's Foundation will host its second rendezvous for writers from all backgrounds and all persuasions called: Writers Anonymous- a workshop (more of a salon for writers really) that offers mutual support to writers to help them come to terms with the pains and gains of their literary vocation.

Writers Anonymous is a forum designed to foster an anonymous ambiance where mutual sharing and learning constitute the main drivers of creative exchange, with (a) guest writer(s) (who remain anonymous -beyond a couple of hints- till the set date) in attendance to share experiences with others on the path travelled while building their craft and careers as writers.

Writers Anonymous will create an environment for the sharing of creative writing tips and of course, of great poetry and prose excerpts between writers of different levels of competence and lovers of literature in general.

The SECOND EDITION of WRITERS ANONYMOUS will hold on Saturday the 6th of December 2008 from 3pm-7pm at the African Artists' Foundation terrace, 54 Raymond Njoku Street S/W Ikoyi, Lagos. Drinks and small chops will be in decent supply so bring a friend along.

RSVP:, +234 803 300 0499