Monday, December 22, 2008

Interview: FUJI Music in focus

Sule Alao Malaika pour out his mind on the Fuji Scene in an unconventional interview with Ayanda Abeke. This interview was conducted sometime in December last year(2008).


AYANDA ABEKE: What is it about king or no king issue. I mean in the FUJI circle.

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: There is nothing there my brother.

AYANDA ABEKE: Please let me know your opinion about this issue.


AYANDA ABEKE: Working on the aesthetics of FUJI Music, I recently listened to one of your live-shows and I heard you talking about the Osupa as new King of Fuji. Really, it’s not that I am against your view as you disproved him, is just that I'm much concerned about the essence of FUJI Music and what it has turned to. If for anything, you are one of those few FUJI musicians I respect a lot. The New Oba of FUJI and the recent issue between you and OSUPA could you please throw more light on these two.

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: There is nothing between Osupa and me. If you read my note on FaceBook, you’ll see that I was not involved in the issue at all. Concerning the issue of Oba, I was chosen by a group of people as the KING OF NEW GENERATION since 2004 and was coronated in front of people by government officials and not by any musician. Neither was there any controversy since then. So I cannot really say much about those who begged to be made kings.

AYANDA ABEKE: Begged? You know that it was Mr. FUJI himself who made OSUPA the king of FUJI and I don't think his reign has generational barrier.

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: He made him KING OF MUSIC NOT KING OF FUJI and the same Barrister came back again to say he has withdrawn from his earlier pronouncement. It was not even up to six months.

AYANDA ABEKE: WOW! This is funny really. But I watched the video of that event.

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: So you can see that it is really funny. Is Barrister saying that Osupa is king over Lagbaja, KSA, Oliver de Coque and even Barrister himself?

AYANDA ABEKE: That can't be. I think he meant KING OF FUJI and not KING OF MUSIC.

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: So is it justified and does it make sense? Even Osupa himself said KING OF MUSIC.

AYANDA ABEKE: Well, I can't really judge that because, the fuji fans don't really know the cabalism going on in the industry. Well, That's rather a mistake on Mr. FUJI's part.

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: Nothing like cabalism.

AYANDA ABEKE: Are you sure?

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: I mean no cabal in the industry, just some people who wanted undue and unnecessary noise for themselves.

AYANDA ABEKE: Now, when you say you're the king of New Generation Fuji Musicians, you mean OSUPA, PASUMA, Muri Tunder and some others that I can't remember their names now, are members of that generation? I need to know your view about this...

SULE ALAO MALAIKA: I did not say, people choose me as king and they considered various things before making me King. Osupa says he can sing very well, Pasuma says he can entertain. I am not boasting but I can SING VERY WELL, ENTERTAIN, DANCE, PLAY THE DRUMS etc. In a class, is it possible for the overall best student to be the one that only knows ENGLISH or MATHS? But he would be good, if not the best in almost all subjects.

AYANDA ABEKE: That's a good respond


AYANDA ABEKE: I must confess you're very intelligent But I will be asking you more questions when next we get locked on the net, particularly on FACEBOOK. Cheers.


Itsme! said...

Egbon mi, abeg do enough publicity.
I like the 'journalistic nature' of your blog and it should not just waste away. After all, you know people that know people that know people.

Ayanda Abeke said...

Thanks for cmong around. But since i don't know you, it means i don't know people that know people that know pleople. ha ha ha