Thursday, June 11, 2009

Latest on ewaBAmiJO

If you've been wondering what's next on EBJ. the media campaign took us round the doorsteps of the following confirmed EBJ Dance Ambassadors:

Dr Ahmed Yerima,
Ambassador Segun Olusola
Tunde Kilani
Jimmy Jatt
Peter Badejo (OBE)
and Nomoreloss.

On the other side of the Mediterranean sea, Qudus Onikeku, the EBJ Dance guru himself, held Paris in hostage and he is set to take the gospel of EBJ round Sao Paolo, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia), Maine and New York (USA). With the aim of creating new and lasting relationship with other territories other than our familiar acquaintances in Europe.

See this for yourself and share the word.

EBJ will be kicking off with its strategic international relation and mobilisation in Sao Paolo, Brazil on the 8th of June 2009, hosted by the Matilha Cultural; It will be followed by a cinema screening of our documentary film "Do we need cola cola to dance" and a Non conventional space performance on the 13th of June 2009...

Followed by a second Showing in New York on the 25th of July 2009, also followed by a studio screening of "Do we need cola cola to dance" and a solo Performance hosted by the Dance Theatre Workshop. New York.

A third showing will be during a residency at the Bates Festival between 19th of July - 9th of August 2009, with a cinema screening of "Do we need cola cola to dance" and two solo Performances on 6th and 7th of August 2009, during the "Different Voices" Hosted by the bates Dance Festival in Portland Maine.

Watch out for more intriguing update on the journey to EBJ 2009. Before then, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU INVITED TO JOIN THE GROUP ? Its not enough to support by sending us email and wishing us success, no one can clap with one hand, it will be appreciated if you can go to the group page and click on the Invite people to get all your friends list to join the train, that will not cost so much and also join the discussion board to let's hear your views...


is DANCE a Sport?

Following a long argument in an online forum, whether DANCE is a sport or not, i found it interesting as a topic to discuss, I have curled two significant point made by two distinct persons, one for and the other against such notion

Brittiny Catalano stated that
"1) Dancers are physically fit and need conditioning. they work extremely hard and train till they can't walk anymore and then continue on...
Visit to let your voice be heard.

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