Friday, May 22, 2009


Dear Newest World Citizen,

What do I say to you young one? How do I greet you the Newest Sojourner from the other world into this wide wild world: the shore of humane humans and the opposite; the territory of wild animals in jungles and humanly scared species in the same wild jungles. With which language do I welcome the newest world citizen to the midst of the world citizens? Do you prefer Zulu to Swahili? Is Gikuyi better than Hausa or Yoruba your native dialect? Would you want me to convey my praises through millions of idyllic languages in the world? How do I…what should I… but I…hmmm, I know what first to say in a gathering of this magnitude and its quintessence in this part of the world:

Glory unto you God of Infinity
Minister of heaven and earth,-
Today, we praise you whole heartedly whilst
Our hearts beclouded with ecstasy

O yes, it's the Ancient Supreme Artiste praises are due to, as the synchronized starter and frantic finisher of existence circle, here on earth and elsewhere beyond the ordinary human's vision; even the scientists. He who creates with words, plows with words sows with words, harvest with words, builds and destroys with words. I pledge my homage with the whole of my heart to you the giver of live and its taker, solely for the successful journey of our world's newest citizen from another world to this world.

Where child is celebrated I visit
With my hands, child will I carry and rejoice
With the victorious mother today;
Only the child I cherish….

Newest member of the either over-populated or under-populated world, the above stanza is just one of the many lullabies I told you, were composed whilst you were in your mother's abdomen, exclusively for your listening pleasure. Yet I'm unhappy with the way I've been stuttering and mumbling words together over the effort of forcing myself to welcome you. O this task, well, I have to do it because the town-criers, palace jesters and royal bards have all gone to the market-square (Oja- Oba) to proclaim your arrival to both sellers and buyers, foreigners and neighbors, for you're not just a child given birth to neither by some pauper around the village but a royal child. Maybe these lines perhaps this stanza of my ballad will do the magic:

You are welcome aboard Jojolo
From the mysterious dungeon
To the midst of celebrities
Who value your birth.

Mukulumuke, joyously, will I dance for the newly arrived citizen of the world. Jojolo, don't be surprised, that's the registered name for every newcomer like you. It was the first name of each member in this virtually seven billion populated world. In some regions, Jojolo means Baby, whilst some call it Tunfulu. All meant the same. Just as Abdullah- the servant of Allah- is the universal name of all Muslims so also is Jojolo, Baby, Tunfulu and many more, depending on the language, to every newcomer. All of us present here today once answered to one of those names in the past.

Jojolo, remember series of terms you concurred to few minutes ago in your mother's womb? Now you're here. You'll be confronted with several more, series of clich├ęs and revert rhetorical questions, which almost 6, 666, 666, 666 of us have not been able to proffer solutions to in the least.

Newcomer, your mouth shouldn’t be ajar because of my statement, nobody is an Island of knowledge and years spend on earth is a waste when wisdom deludes you. But that does not mean that we're neither wise nor that we've folded our arms against solving most of these questions of global tranquility and harmonious earthy existence all the while, no! Never! It won't work! Our plans! Our strategies! When some at the receiving ends resisted them vehemently! They're born to fight but never to die. They have bundled peace and progress to their neighboring continents and nations.

They plant discords, plot coups, perpetrate wars in those under –rated nations of the world, solitarily to loot there God given resources. And at eruption of war in these blessed regions worlds WOLFS would camouflaged in the pajamas of AID: USAID, UN, WHO and the likes when of course, they're the planters of those evil seeds that germinate terror and horror for the world's warriors to plunder. The apartheid in South Africa, Uhuru movement in Kenya Somalia, Uganda and Ruwanda wouldn't have ended if the looters, world AID organizations weren't exposed of their diamond, gold and other mineral resources exploitation. The unrest in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, even in the Niger Delta will neither stop nor end as long as crude oil still stream under there soil. These shameless inverters of the global progress will never retreat an inch even when their theft tact slithers to the open through the same transmitters: Radio and Television which they use as tools to fight their neighboring nations without war gadgets. Word missiles are powerful than the most sophisticated nuclear missiles in the world! Beyond reasonable doubt, I know they have hearts but definitely not conscience. O, greediness is the apex of diseases.

We're not dim-witted as you might thought Jojolo, and now, you know some of those questions we've failed to proffer solutions to, and as a newcomer; we hope you have divine solutions because of your celestial oral.

O my child,
Cry not,
My enchanting child
Shout not…

In your earthly kit will you find fabulous ideals, ideas and ideologies of the world but it's left to you, to accept what and dispatch what not. Effortlessly will you scale through several of the plotted huddles but few would broaden your thinking faculty, as well sap your energy. Religion and societal dictates are some of the very few. Your fellow world citizens shall say to you Buddhism, the religion mode towards self-realization, is superior to Hinduism, the religion of soul-liberation, which from the later emanated. They shall preach the gospel of Taoism, as a perfect religion whereas everything of man is imperfect; he only strives towards perfection from his birthday till his death moment. Also shall they tell you that Judaism, from which the world most doctored and politicized religion, Christianity, emanated, is an occult religion.

The eccentric and dogmatic Muslims shall preach to you that Islamism is the only religion approved by the supreme creator- God. Whilst it was recorded in their book, that God sent almost 25, 000 prophets with different messages to different people with different books. And they shall silence upon this fact, that verse imprinted in their book (AL-Qur’an), which was the compilation of books of the aforementioned religions; "Allah did not send any apostle but with the language of his people, so that he might explain to them clearly, then God leaves whom He pleases in error and He guides whom He pleases, and He is the mighty, the wise." (Q14:4) Upon this realization, yet they'll tell you that Arabic language is the language of their God and Lord. Hmmm, perhaps that's the most unholy questions to ask in twenty-first Century, my dear newest world citizen.

The custodian of Christianity, in the Vatican City and other places, shall congest your "Tabular-racer" with the erroneous fact that Jesus was the only son of the most supreme, the mighty and Omnipresence God of the universe. Mary the mother of the holy son supposedly Almighty God's only wife though but she divorced him and married Joseph because of his royal-blood line, wisdom and uprightness.

This fact was recorded in the Bible Mathew 1:18-19: "…After his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found with child of the Holy spirit" then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not wanting to make her a "public example" was minded to put her away secretly." Authentically, Joseph knew what to do and had sealed his thoughts on Mary's atrocity before the angel relayed the message to him in his dream. GOD is beyond man's imagination. They'll want you to believe that Jesus was or is a super human, no, well he might be but, his miracles were not new neither were they different from Mose's in Egypt and Jerusalem because they were both students of the same teachers. "Out of Egypt I called my son", sure, this has an antecedent in the bible. Do not deceive yourself young one, they're both crafty megatons.

Upon these facts at your disposal, my little colleague, if you decides to follow the path of your ancestors which is generously tagged: Traditional religion. Whose prophets include: Orumila, Elegbara, Yemoja, Osun, Sango, Oya, Ogun ecetera you shall be pegged: devil incarnate and lots of names that were not included on name list on your naming ceremony.

Whereas, the Jew and Hebrew people connect the spiritual realm with Kaballah, Izhab is the Islamism's Oracle and Astrology is the Greek's, English's and Christianity's. My dazzled newcomer, there's a Department of Astrology in the Vatican City. All these communicative means are equivalent to your ancestral communion means with the spiritual realm. IFA! Hmmm, my fellow newest citizen, welcome to the world of confusion and commotion. Welcome home from the abode of truth to the threshold of falsehood. Nothing is real here child, except your mind. Follow it sternly and let it be your indicator to either the truth or falsehood. “Imagine there's no heaven…. And the sky's the limit," wouldn't that be wonderful? Yes, fantastic!

The golden rule you must know about your polluted polity and adopt is that nothing is coincidence, everything is eternally interwoven, though physically it might not be visible but the spiritual connection is not debatable child, fate is the father of man and the foundation pillars of his existence.

Don't be deceived my newest world burden carrier, God's will never can’t be delayed by any group, cult or person, time is the determinant of His wills execution patience, you have to be tolerance because the fattest bone belongs to the patient dog.

O elders of the globe: aged world citizens, pardon my tongue for I have said so much out of the context to this new member of the world.

Child, I…am suppose to be singing you praises and ovation songs, pardon me because this is not my craft, pardon me for my imperfection. The professionals in this business of welcoming newcomer like you will soon be here, but in the meantime, relish yourself with this stanza...

Today, we have in our midst
Harmonica with hand of organist
We welcome you with our melodious flute
African's greatest fun instrument.

© Ayanda Abeke, 2007
Rumour Networks
Lagos , Nigeria .